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Ordering Information

Order Code: SERIAL7SEG
Manufacturer: MikroElektronika
Price: £14.95

A four-digit 7-segment display board based on the MAX7219 LED display driver IC with SPI interface and four common-cathode 7-segment displays. The board is designed to plug onto MikroElektronika’s PIC development boards, although could also be interfaced to your own circuits or other development boards.

Supported by mikroBASIC, mikroC and mikroPascal

The Serial 7-Segment Display add-on board is supported by libraries supplied with MikroElektronika’s mikroBASIC, mikroC and mikroPascal compilers. Example programs are also included with the compilers that cover:

  • Displaying a static number on 7-segment displays
  • Counting from 0000 to 9999 on 7-segment displays
  • Obtaining data via RS-232 and displaying on 7-segment displays