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Manufacturer: Inex
Price: £89.00


The MicroCamp V2.0 is based on an Atmel ATmega8 ABR microcontroller board, which can be easily programmed using a number of programming languages for the AVR. The kit is easy to assemble and program and is ideally suited to hobbyists, educational use and anyone with an interest in microcontrollers and robotics.


  • Quick and easy to assemble – no soldering required.
  • Can be programmed using assembly language, BASIC or C – ideal for more experienced users and for use in further and higher education.
  • Complete package includes everything required to conduct a number of different robot projects.
  • Experiments cover basic movement, collision detection, line tracing and contactless collision detection techniques plus use of infrared remote control.
  • Supplied with detailed and easy-to-follow documentation covering construction and C language programming of the robot.
  • Wide range of optional interface boards and sensors available.

MicroCamp Robot Controller Module Specifications

The “brains” of the MicroCamp V2.0 is the MicroCamp microcontroller board, which features:

  • Based on Atmel ATmega8 microcontroller operating at 16MHz clock rate.
  • 8KB Flash programmable memory.
  • Two DC motor outputs.
  • Two pushbutton switch inputs.
  • Two LED outputs.
  • Five analogue input channels.
  • Serial communications port.
  • Piezo speaker.
  • In-system programmable using supplied PX-400 programmer.
  • Powered from four AA batteries (not included, 1700mAH or higher rechargeable batteries recommended).

Package Contents

  • 1 x MicroCamp controller board.
  • 1 x battery holder box.
  • 2 x ZX-01 touch sensors.
  • 1 x GP2D120 distance sensor.
  • 1 x ER-4 infrared remote control.
  • 1 x ZX-IR infrared sensor.
  • 1 x circular chassis.
  • 2 x wheels and tires.
  • 1 x screws and fixings pack.
  • 1 x plastic joiners set.
  • 2 x DC motor with 48:1 gearbox.
  • 2 x motor mounting.
  • 1 x PX-400 AVR programmer.
  • 1 x CX-4 RS-232 serial cable.

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