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Welcome to Paltronix Online! This website is used by our company as a platform to detail our products, sold via our local stores in both the United States and United Kingdom. For ordering information, consider visiting this page. We outline how ordering works.

For now, will only be used as a platform of information rather than a direct link to purchase our products. We will be providing full details on the different embedded developments products we sell, from starter packs to compilers and development boards. We may also write tips on how best to use these products and/or which ones will best suit your specific robotic compiling and developing needs. This hopefully makes it much easier for beginners to get into the world of microcomputers and developing on physical components. See our latest blog posts for the most recent product descriptions and tips.

Feel free to get ahold of our staff through our Contact page. We are initially based in the United Kingdom, but also have an equally important office and store in the United States that you may reach as well.