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Ordering Information

Manufacturer: MikroElektronika
Price: £181.85

Starter pack includes EasydsPIC4A development board, 16×2 character LCD, 128×64 graphic LCD, touch-screen overlay, DS1820 temperature sensor and full version of mikroBASIC dsPIC/PIC24 compiler.


The EasydsPIC4A BASIC Starter Pack is a great-value dsPIC development package that contains everything you need to start developing with and learning about digital signal controllers using the BASIC programming language.

The pack comprises the EasydsPIC4A development board with its on-board USB programmer and mikroICD in-circuit debugger and a full version of the easy-to-use mikroBASIC dsPIC/PIC24 compiler. Also included are blue backlit 16×2 character and 128×64 graphic LCDs, touch-screen overlay for graphic LCD and DS1820 temperature sensor, all of which simply plug on to the EasydsPIC4A board.


  • EasydsPIC4A development board with high-speed USB 2.0 PIC programmer and mikroICD in-circuit-debugger.
  • Support for 18, 28 and 40-pin dsPICs (40-pin dsPIC30F4013 included).
  • Built-in I/O devices including 40 LEDs, 41 pushbutton switches, two analogue potentiometers, RS-232 port and ICD2 connector.
  • 16×2 character LCD.
  • 128×64 graphic LCD.
  • Touch-screen overlay that fits over graphic LCD.
  • DS1820 temperature sensor.
  • Large range of optional interface boards available.
  • mikroBASIC dsPIC/PIC24 compiler with easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDE), user-friendly text editor, simulator, and compatibility with the EasydsPIC4A’s programmer and mikroICD in-circuit debugger.

Package Contents

  • EasydsPIC4A development board with 40-pin dsPIC30F4013 microcontroller and 10MHz crystal.
  • USB programming/power cable.
  • RS-232 serial communications cable.
  • Blue backlit 16×2 character LCD.
  • Blue backlit 128×64 graphic LCD.
  • Touch-screen overlay for graphic LCD.
  • DS1820 temperature sensor.
  • Printed user manuals.
  • CD-ROM containing dsPICprog programming software and drivers.
  • Full version of mikroBASIC dsPIC/PIC24 compiler.